Other Projects

Besides the usual infrastructure, water and education projects, Impian Sabah and Sarawak also help providing other forms of assistance with various types of work categories.

As Impian Sabah & Sarawak complete more projects, word of mouth about us gets around. Sometimes, calls for assistance are directed to local representatives on the ground. Other times, the villagers resort to calling Impian’s coordinators directly. These calls for assistance cover the breadth of various issues; from water woes to many other needs.

This category of ‘Other Projects’ cover projects that Impian Sabah & Sarawak have undertaken, outside the other categories to help ease the burden of the rural communities.

Under this category is a beadwork programme for a community of single mothers, full-time housewives and poor families was launched in 2014. The sale of these beadworks help the participants to supplement their family’s income.

Impian Sarawak has also built two bus stops with proper shelters for the villagers in Kampung Kuang Toop in Mambong and Teku, Sibu. These bus stops have since enable school-going children to wait for their buses without having to endure the hot sun or be drenched by rain.