Impian’s Education camps are aimed at creating learning interest among rural kids who have poor literacy levels and often unequal access to quality Education.

Even though school attendance in Primary Education has increased rapidly in Malaysia and is now above 95%, certain indigenous groups and children living in remote areas are still lagging behind. Furthermore, a percentage figure on attendance does not say anything about the quality of Education which can differ vastly between schools and geographical areas.

The minority groups of indigenous people in the country have historically been burdened with low school achievement rates, with drop-out rates in rural areas are higher than in urban areas.

Not willing to just sit back and do nothing, Impian Malaysia launched Impian Education in September 2014.

With a team of passionate coordinators, Impian Education, to date, has conducted 22 reading camps and 16 full Education camps for primary school-going students, covering core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. We have also set up an Impian House; a structure dedicated as a library and shared space equipped with story books, learning materials and four computers for the children to read and learn.

Impian Education hopes to inspire the love of learning in these children. And through the planting of this seed of hope, we in turn hope to see these children rise up to claim a better future for themselves and their community, that will ultimately impact the nation for the better.