Constructing gravity-fed water systems to provide running water to communities that have no access to piped water.

Access to basic infrastructure is a fundamental right of all Malaysians.

Around 35% of Malaysians live in rural areas (rising to nearly 70% in some states). Currently this large segment of the population benefits least from the economic progress we have enjoyed over the past decades as a nation.

As at 2014, close to half a million of Sarawakians still do not have access to water supply. These villagers have to get their water supply from a nearby river, as well as bathe and wash their clothes in it. Clean running water is an essential necessity for living; a basic right, not a privilege.

Impian Sarawak’s first project was a gravity-fed water system in Kg Sait Muk-Ayun, completed in September 2013. Since then, we have gone on to complete 14 more gravity-fed water systems in Sabah and Sarawak. Featured are four of our stories...