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Access Project - Salim Pelalang, Dudong, Sibu

Project: Wooden Bridge Construction, Dudong, Lanang
Project Date: 15 - 16 June 2014
Location: Salim Pelalang, Dudong; Sibu

We rebuilt a wooden bridge!

This community project involves rebuilding a 50 meters wooden bridge across a small river that allows children from the 23-pintu long house to walk to school. The project is a collaboration between villagers and Impian Sarawak.

The bridge was first built by the government more than 30 years ago and has gone rickety over the years, albeit several times of repairing. Multiple requests had been made by villagers to the local government YBs for rebuilding funds but as expected; the promises always turned out empty and as ridiculous as cheque “ditarik balik” when Tuai Rumah went to the office to collect the check as instructed by the YB. The villagers had to go through all these saga for the longest time. Impian Sarawak stepped in to work directly with villagers to make this community project a success.

The opening ceremony was attended by Alice Lau (MP Lanang), and Yap Hoi Liong (ADUN Dudong). MP Alice Lau also spent a night in the long house, experiencing the hospitality of the local villagers..